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Daily Miracles

Richard was the 2010 recipient of Operation Nightwatch's "Hero of the Homeless Award.  His story, in brief, and an endorsement of that vital Seattle street program are chronicled below in the You Tube link.

My message is intensely personal.  I enjoy conveying my experiences with homelessness, along with the message that getting involved reaps lasting rewards of personal fulfillment and mutual encouragement for everyone who takes part in the struggle to alleviate homelessness.

If you would like for me to come and speak with your group, please contact me at (360) 535-9591, and we can make arrangements, or use the form on this website to get ahold of me by email.

Please factor in reimbursement for travel costs, lodging and meals, and a speaker's honorarium, for engagements outside of my local area, in Bremerton, WA, as part of our preliminary conversation.

Speaking Services

Richard's rapport with audiences of all ages is part of "Breakfast at Sally's" charm.  The book serves to awaken compassion, and a spirit of informed, sensitive involvement, with a sprinkling of good humor.


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