The Willow and Richard Project is a Washington State registered non-profit coporation, a public charity which depends on broad-based public support.  Your contribution is vital to our work!  Your gifts will support my public school speaking program, where I can alert our youth to pressing needs and opportunities --even among their own classmates!


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"I read a book this year that changed my life.  It's called 'Breakfast at Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey.'  

How often does a book change our whole way of looking at a situation?  This one did for me. 

The author, Richard LeMieux, was once a successful businessman who owned cars and boats and a luxury home.  When his business failed, he began to lose every vestige of his successful life... his wife, his family, and even his home.  When we meet him in the pages of his memoir, he's homeless and living in a beat-up Oldsmobile van with his dog, Willow.  Penniless and hungry, he depends upon the kindness of strangers for each meal...

Throughout the book, LeMieux shares the wisdom and kindness of the men he meets on the streets of Bremerton, Washington.  After LeMieux put flesh and blood, hopes and dreams, on the nameless, homeless street people, I will never look at them the same way again. 

I know that God has put Richard LeMieux and his unforgettable memoir on my list....of guests God has invited into my life.  I have yet to be disappointed by God's guest list for my life." 

                                                                 --NYT bestselling author Debbie Macomber

Richard's "Breakfast at Sally's" leads to... TheWillowandRichardProject

our mission:

"To inspire, assist, and empower people affected by homelessness in America, through education and practical charitable endeavors locally, regionally, and nationally."

The Willow and Richard Project works to accomplish the aims of alleviating the problems associated with involuntary homelessness.  We work to offer hope and encouragement in the midst of the kinds of daily trials the homeless face.  We work to inspire all people to understand the role they can play in making this problem significantly better .  When we give graciously, out of basic human compassion, we lend dignity, honor and respect to everyone involved.  Let's make our communities much better places to live, by leaving no one out in the cold.  And if you're on the streets, facing the challenge of homelessness, please tell us your story, by contacting us.                                                                                


Empty stomachs hurt. Social isolation wears you down. The problems of homelessness conspire  to make living seem hopeless and dreary. Here are some resources to change that.


The lessons that those among us who are homeless, along with those who have rallied to help them, have to teach us, are a reminder of the basic values of human dignity we all hold dear. 


The incidence of homelessness is on the rise in our country, and the face of homelessness is changing, as well.  Old stereotypes will not help us overcome this growing problem.


While non-profit law constrains many forms of political advocacy, social advocacy in the form of encouraging private volunteering is a large part of what we do.